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Mini toasts

Garlic confit on crispy bread with smoked tomatoes; garnished with parsley



House Appetizer served with bread

Tahini with fresh chickpea beans, chimichurri, and olives, served next to home-made bread



Roasted eggplant with tahini

Roasted eggplant served on a bed of tahini with tomato salad



Bruschetta with torn meat

Torn meat served on bread drizzled with BBQ sauce


Roast Beef bruschetta

Smoked Picanha (top sirloin cap), garlic confit, rucola leaves, smoked tomatoes, and balsamic sauce


Goose bruschetta

Goose, rucola leaves, lemon-honey sauce


Vitello Tonnato

Picanha (top sirloin cap), vitello tonnato sauce


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