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Dear customers,


The finest meats you can imagine, accompanied by particularly scrumptious sides, are now available for orders on weekends as well.


* Deliveries and takeaway from 12:00 till 22:00

* Orders for Fridays are accepted till 15:00 on Thursdays

* Deliveries available in the Sharon plain are and Gush Dan only


After sending the order, our Customer Service will get back to you to confirm and make the payment.

Online orders for weekends

Please select the items you would like to order:

Items by weight. You must select the quantity of units of that item (one unit = 100 grams)

Price per 100 g₪39.5
Price per 100 g₪44.5
Asado Short Ribs
Price per 100 g₪63
Lamb Ribs
Price per 100 g₪60
Shredded Asado
Price per 100 g₪35
Chicken Wings
Price per 100 g₪18
Chicken Legs
Price for 2 pcs (about 500 g)₪75

Items by units. The quantity of units of that item must be selected

Smoked Chicken
Whole chicken₪155
Half a Smoked Chicken
Half a chicken₪80
Smoked Salmon
1-1,2 kg ₪350
Homemade pie filled with smoked meat
Round pie - price per unit₪175
Mix 600 g
Mix 1200 g
Mix 2400 g

Whole smoked chicken 

Chicken legs 

Chicken wings


Baked potatoes

French fries

Coleslaw salad

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